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About Nauti Nell

Nauti Nell's was established in 1994 by Raynell Smith as a consignment shop for marine gear and boats. Nell and her husband, Kaptain Krunch, a graphic artist specializing in boat lettering, spent their early years cruising. Together they sailed through the northern Caribbean on a 124' Alden schooner, Puritan. On Pardner, a Cal 2-46, they sailed from Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal to the Galapagos Islands and then on to Hawaii. After long-distance adventuring, they returned to cruise a number of seasons up and down the east coast from Maine to the Florida Keys. Maybe because they lived aboard a Bay craft, a skipjack, the 42' Jolly Roger, the Krunches were captivated by Chesapeake Bay and Deltaville in particular. Although they wintered in the Bahamas, they always returned to Deltaville. When it was time to start a family, they settled year round in Broad Creek off the Rappahannock.

Because there are nearly as many boats in the county as there are people, and there's a constant stream of cruisers through the many boatyards, Nell saw a real need for a shop where boaters could buy and sell used gear. Consignments are still a large part of the business, but over the years, Nell has collected a unique array of nautically-themed gift items, many exclusive to her shop. The Chesapeake Bay, her boats, watermen, economy, and ecology are focal points. Most of the books, DVDs, and CDs in the shop either have something to do with the Chesapeake or are written by local authors. Nell keeps a full line of Larry Chowning's nautical and history books in stock, signed by the author.

Check out Roland Griffin, Jr.'s museum quality models of specific Chesapeake work boats built by hand and to scale. You will find these models nowhere else. They are truly one of a kind. The model-building skills of several other local craftsmen are also represented at Nauti Nell's.

Nauti Nell's specializes in new and old, collectible nautical lamps made of many different materials: brass, shells, ceramic, and metal.

Nautical jewelry in sterling, pewter, and with pearls is a best seller at Nauti Nell's. The slideshow presents only a portion of all the designs available. You are cordially invited and strongly encouraged to visit Nauti Nell's in person to see the full array of goods, both new and used. In the meantime, peruse the site for a taste of the nautical selections offered in the store.

Please feel free to email us or call with any inquiries. We will do our best to help you find the perfect gift or the exact part you need.

In Memoriam

Stephens Smith, aka Kaptain Krunch

In 2020, Kaptain Krunch lost his long battle with Parkinson's. (Read his obituary.) He is sorely missed by his family, his many friends, and our community. He was an ardent supporter of the Deltaville Maritime Museum, having started Family Boatbuilding Week, and spearheading the building of the Captain John Smith barge, "Explorer." He contributed his graphic skills to many Museum projects until he was no longer able to do so. In his honor, donations can be made to the Kaptain Krunch Memorial Fund through the Deltaville Maritime Museum, PO Box 466, Deltaville, VA 23043.

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