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Since 1994 Nauti Nell’s has specialized in nautical gifts for the boating public and in providing used boating equipment, hardware, boats, and motors on consignment. Gifts are housed in the 1400 sq. ft. shop with a large back room for consignments and an area outside with access through the shop.

Nauti Nell's store in Deltaville, VA, watercolor by Judith Woodbury of Ogunquit, Maine

Harrow House is for sale!

Welcome 2021. We are all looking forward to the new year as it has to be better than 2020. At least we know what to do to stay safe and the vaccine promises to stop the pandemic at least on our shores. Nauti Nell's will be reducing open days and hours in January. Winter is just too dismal for boating and too cold to work on boats. Nell's will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 am but will close at 3pm unless the store is full of people or at least 10 or less. Sundays we will be open from 11 am until 3 pm. Although the store will be closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, if you really need something or need to visit your stuff call Nell at 80-815-3102 and make an appointment. She will try to accommodate you if she is in town-a distinct probability. At this time Nell would prefer that you not plan on bringing in consignment items unless you absolutely have to do so. The store will be closed for February and part of March, so please gather you gear together, make sure it works, clean it off if needed, and make an invenotry of what you plan to leave. Then you'll be all prepared to leave your gear in the spring as soon as we open

Nell will gradually be restocking in January, so the shop will have some new items and we still have consignment items that have just come in to put out. Also, we should have some good sales. Our collection of new and used books for your winter reading pleasure can't be beat. Check our selection of chartbooks and charts-perfect for armchair cruising.

We look forward to visiting with you but we ask you to protect us. All our staff are at risk. I'm sorry. We're old and fragile so wear a mask when you come in. We'll do our part by disinfecting the counter and doors; to keep you safe. Please try to stay a safe distance despite our sometimes cramped spaces.

Be calm, be brave,be safe. We hope to see you soon. Give a call if we can help you in any way.

Nell, Jeanette, and Lynne

In Memoriam

Stephens Smith, aka Kaptain Krunch In 2020, Kaptain Krunch lost his long battle with Parkinson's. (Read his obituary.) He is sorely missed by his family, his many friends, and our community. He was an ardent supporter of the Deltaville Maritime Museum, having started Family Boatbuilding Week, and spearheading the building of the Captain John Smith barge, "Explorer." He contributed his graphic skills to many Museum projects until he was no longer able to do so. In his honor, donations can be made to the Kaptain Krunch Memorial Fund through the Deltaville Maritime Museum, PO Box 466, Deltaville, VA 23043.